Makes your skin soft and cleansed.
Give your face a professional cleansing and let your skin enjoy a facial massage and mask, which provides moisture and renewed springiness. A long with the facial treatment we also give your scalp a wonderful massage.

Body treatments & massage
Spoil yourself and your body 
Body treatments and massage is the perfect combination, when your body needs relaxation and pure well-being.
We offer different body treatments from Bodyscrub to Hotstone massage.  Kropsbehandlingerne er forskellige lige fra Bodyscrub til Hotstone massage. Common to them all is that you afterwards will feel relaxed and full of renewed enerfy.
All treatments is described in the wellness brochure, which you can download in the bottom of this page.

Ayurvedisk massage
The queen of ayurvedisk massage.
Abhyanga is a traditional ayurvedisk massage, which is refreshing, cleansing and der er forfriskende, udrensende og rejuvenating. Your entire body will be massaged with special movements and rhythms, which has a calming and harmonizing on the nervesystem. The massage helps to get rid of waste in your body and restores the fysically and metal health. (Only available for women)

Hands and feet 
Beautiful nails and silky skin
Our beauticians are always ready to give your hands or feet a luxurious treatment, where nails and nailroots are treated in the best possible way.

Nice to know
Cancellation must be no later than 1 day ahead of the scheduled time. By too late cancellation or no show a fee of 50% of the price is paid. Meeting time, 15 min. before the treatment.

Booking is necessary on +45 74 75 56 55 or

OBS! Are you taking any kind of medication, is allergic, suffer from heart problems or problems with your blood pressure or pregnant, please inform us before the treatment. We  do not recommend taking painkillers or alcohol in connection with a treatment.
Do not wear jewellery, watches etc. when being in treatment.

Swimsuit is required.

Download Wellness brochure.

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