Wellness extraordinaire!

1 Swimming Pool
Take a swim in the big pool, which has a depth of 140 to 160 cm and a water temperature at 28 degrees. When the sun is sending its rays into the beautiful room over the pool with its soft wavy shapes, it feels like a Mediterranean atmosphere

2 Salt Floating Basin
The Salt floating basin is a mini – version of the Dead Sea. The salty water is rich in minerals and is 35 degrees. The minerals have a positive effect on eczema, psoriasis, acne and inflammation.
Remember to shower after use.

3 Tropical Rains
In the tropical rain showers you can experience an alternation  between cold and hot water, with different scents.

4 The Ice Bucket
The ice bucket is filled with cold water, which you release by pulling the string once you are placed underneath, ensuring a fast cooling of the body!

5 Steam Baths
The steam baths has a variety of good qualities, such as stimulating the formation of new skin cells and opening the skin pores for a cleaning effect. The smell in two of steam baths varies and so does the temperature between 35 and 45 degrees.

6 The Cold Water Basin
The temperature in the cold water basin is only 17 degrees. The cold water causes the body temperature to lower fast which strengthens your blood circulation.

7 Sauna
The warm air in the sauna gets the metabolism going and has a purifying and relaxing effect. If you change between stay in the sauna and a cold bath, this helps to increase blood circulation.

8 Hot Water Basin
The hot water basin offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting. Here you can sink into about 38 degrees warm water and feel the wellbeing spread. Relax, be still and feel the tranquility.

9 Bio Sauna

The warm air in the sauna gets the metabolism going and has a purifying and relaxing effect. If you change between stay in the sauna and a cold bath, this helps to increase blood circulation.

10 Foot massage channels
The three different foot massage channels are each filled with stones like Beach Pebbles, Glescher and Riverstone. The stones affect the reflex zones in the feet and give a light foot massage, which together with the warm water has a relaxing and calming effect.

11 The Heat Chair
The heat chair is shaped so you can relax in the best possible way, while you lie and feel the heat propagated throughout the body. Enjoy the beautiful room and relax with a good book, fresh fruit and water.

12 Spa Bath
The spa bath gives you a soft and gentle massage using small bubbles in the hot water. The combination of massage and the warmth of the water soothe your muscles and joints, improve circulation and improve blood flow throughout the body.

13 Water Massage
The water massage is the modern version of hydrotherapy. By means of hard jets of hot water – coming both from above and from the side – the body is massaged. This increases blood circulation, and blood flow gets better. The water used is chlorinated!

14 Massage Basin
The water jets in the massage basin gives a soft and relaxing neck and shoulder massage while standing in the pleasant, warm water of the basin. In here you can enjoy a quiet moment and shut out the world, while the hot water jet softens your infiltrations.

15 Waterfall
Step into the hot water and get the feeling of standing unde a real waterfall, where water shower down over your shoulders and your back and massage you gently. Here you can completely relax and dream you off to southern climes.

16 Centre Basin
The centre basin is the meeting venue for the guests. The basin is deep enough that you can take a little swim and designed with wide stairs under the water that can be used to sit on while enjoying the beautiful room and the view of the sky over Rømø.

17 Outdoor Facilities
Our atrium garden provides the wellness experience with an extra dimension. Outside there is a hot tub, sauna and rest areas.

18 Children’s Pool
Bounded shallow pool for children with  water temperature of 32 degrees.


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