Water park

Fun for all
Family Time

There is free entrance for guests who are staying at Enjoy Resorts

For non-resident guests the entrance is dkk 49,-/79,-  per child/adult.


No matter how old you are, there are plenty of possibilities for having fun in our big swimming pool.

The smallest ones can play in the baby pool. NB! Diaper babies should wear diaper bath pants – which are made of neoprene. Diaper trousers have wide tight-fitting edges at the legs and abdomen. We recommend that the child wears a bath diaper under the diaper pants. You can bring your own or buy diaper bath pants from us.

The older ones can enjoy the large pool playing water volley ball or have fun with the swimming pool toys or try the new activity – walking on the water in a Water Ball.

The swimming pool is a popular hangout area, especially for the kids who after many hours of fun, will easily fall asleep by the heat of the fireplace.

Whether you are an experienced or a first time swimmer, we provide many possibilities for exercising.




Swimming pool overview.

1 Swimming pool
Take a swim in the 140 and 160 cm deep pool with app. 28 degrees. The pool has soft curved shapes. The sun sends it beams into the beautiful room, which highlights the southern styled atmosphere in the room.

2 Spa
The small bobbles in the spa gives you a soft and gentle massage in the hot water. The combination of the massage and the heat from the water softens your muscles and joints, increases your blood circulation and gives you a better blood flow in your entire body.

3 Childrens pool
Bounded pool for small children, 32 degrees.

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