The Marina

Nature & culture

The area around Marina Fiskenæs is a very popular sailing destination with several nice marinas, steeped in maritime activities and countless guests, boats and sailors.

Marina Fiskenæs harbour offer more than 200 moorings for sailingboats from 15″ – 42″.
With the moorings comes free toilet- and bath facilities as well as living rooms and kitchen facilities.

When owning a permanently mooring you have free entry for kitchen, kitchen facilities, showers and toilet. Usage of shower and toilet facilities is included in the price.  Permanently sailors are also given the possibility to collect a discount card which gives a 10% discount on all the facilities at Enjoy Resorts Marina Fiskenæs.
Visitor sailors have access to shower-  and toilet facilities, the price is included in the accomodation price.

From the marina it is possible to go fishing, catch crabs from the bridge, take a ride on the water bikes, rent a canoe and enjoy a peacefull quiet trip on the water.

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