Wellness on 2 levels

Ground floor.

1 Dreambath
Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy the silence. All aroma baths have a different effect on the body and soul due to your choice of aroma. A bath can be refreshing, relaxing or romantic. No matter which bath you choose, you will always find an aroma bath a fragrant experience of well-being.

2 Wellness reception

It is possible to rent a bathrobe and slippers in the wellness reception.

3 Dressing facilities
You do not need coins or card for locking the closets.
Storage is at your own risk.

4 Swimmingpool
Take a swim in our 18,5 x 9m hot water pool. The roman style with the star sky makes the experience in the pool a 1001 nights adventure.

5 Outdoor spa
Relax in the outdoor heated spa, both in summer and winter time. When sitting outside under the open sky the experience has an extra dimension, you wander away from time and place.

6 Finnish outdoor sauna 
The hot air in the sauna starts the metabolism and has a purifying and relaxing effect. Going from the sauna to the cold water tub, helps increase your blood circulation.
The Finnish outdoor sauna is 108 degrees hot. Due to the material of the sauna hut, the heat will not be overwhelming.

7 Kneippchannel with cold water 
The footmassage channel is filled with stones on which you walk. The stones activates your reflexzones under your feet and gives a light footmassage, which combined with the cold water stimulates the blood circulation.

8 Treatment room
Appointments must be booked ahead.

9 Cold water tub
Experience the “cold thrill” in the cold water tub. The combination of starting in the hot spa and then coming into the cold tub gives you the perfect feeling of freshness and heat through your body.

1. floor

1 Hamam
The Hamam treatment which, back in time, was only given to sultans and kings.
The tradition for this Turkish bath goes a long way back, to the time before the turkish people settled in Anatolia.

2 Light sauna
The light sheet in the ceiling provides you with new and fresh energy in the cold dark winter month. The light sauna is 85 degrees hot.

3 Herbal sauna
The herbals in the sauna helps to cleanse your body. The pores in the body are opened due to the heat, and thereby the herbs cleanses your body, if you combine the herbal sauna with one of our many peelings, the result will be perfectly soft skin.

4 Foot tub
Enjoy a hot and relaxing footbath followed by a peeling, which leaves your skin clean and soft. The footbath is completed with a great footmassage and a moisturising creme.

5 Steamshower
The steamshower has many positive effects, among them is the formation of new skin cells stimulated and the pores of the skin is opened and cleansed.

6 Icemachine
The ice from the icemachine is used to scrub the body in the shower, as the pores of the skin will close after a visit in one of the saunas.

7 Relaxation area with a view of the sea
Relax in one of the lounge chairs in the cosy restingarea with the direct view to the harbour and the sea.
It is possible to buy a snack in the relaxation area.




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